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The luxury of both cleansed and profoundly hydrated skin. Half oil, half clay, this deeply cleansing emulsion melts away makeup, extracts impurities and loosens debris while keeping skin’s precious natural oils intact. A nourishing daily ritual for the skin and senses.


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Expert Tips

Skin in need of a deeper detox? Apply as a mask, leaving on for 10-15 minutes to further draw out impurities.

Use in the morning and experience the invigorating sensation of the fresh spearmint scent.

Product Details


  • Detoxifies
  • Deep Cleanse
  • Hydrates

Key Ingredients

  • Geothermal Arctic Clay
  • Meadowfoam Seed Oil
    maintains skin's moisture barrier during cleansing
  • Chilean Soap Bark
    provides gentle cleansing
  • Almond Oil
    dislodges debris from pores, rich in vitamin A
  • Spearmint
    antioxidant, antiseptic
  • Basil

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  • Vegan
  • Not Tested on Animals
  • Made in America
  • No Parabens
  • No Pthalates
  • Normal skin
  • Sensitive Skin
  • Dry Skin


Up to twice daily, massage a walnut-sized amount onto damp face and neck and remove with water. The fresh spearmint scent makes this cleanser perfect for an invigorating morning regimen. May also be used as a mask and left on the skin for 10-15 minutes.

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  1. (verified owner)

  2. "?"

    (verified owner)

    Locaton: Austin texas

    Gender: Male

    Skin Concerns: Lines & Wrinkles

    Skin Type: Dry Combination

    Using Circ-Cell: 1 - 2 years

    Have been using these products for over 8-10 years. I love them. !!

  3. (verified owner)

    Most cleansers dry out my sensitive skin but this cleanser actually leaves my skin feeling moisturized. I know it is still cleansing as I used to get acne from time to time but since using this cleanser, my skin has been free of any acne. Love this product and hope it never goes away!

  4. "Absolutely Addictive!"

    (verified owner)

    Locaton: Dallas

    Gender: Female

    Skin Concerns: Lines & Wrinkles

    Skin Type: Dry Combination

    Using Circ-Cell: Less than 1 year

    Absolutely addictive. This product not only makes my skin feel soft and absolutely clean, leaving it on a few extra minutes feels like a full mask detox!

  5. (verified owner)

    A double blessing of squeaky clean and yet moist. Refreshing smell.

  6. (verified owner)

  7. (verified owner)

    Great morning cleanser- leaves my face soft and clean!

  8. "FINALLY the clay mask I've been looking for!"

    Locaton: Dallas, TX

    Gender: Female

    Skin Concerns: Lines & Wrinkles

    Skin Type: Dry Combination

    Using Circ-Cell: Less than 1 year

    I’m generally a fan of clay masks, but I don’t like their gloppy texture and how my skin feels dry afterwards. So I was THRILLED when I found this one. First, it smells amazing and fresh. Second, the texture feels great going on and is just the right thickness, so it’s not gloppy on your skin. And it doesn’t dry weird, like some do, cracking and falling off your face. Third, it’s easy to rinse off. And lastly, and most importantly, your skin feels SO AMAZING afterwards. Detoxed but not dry. Just soft and clean. I use it all the time because it’s such a refreshing overall experience and it makes my skin look FRESH.

  9. "Samantha"

    (verified owner)

    Gender: Female

    Skin Concerns: Oily Skin

    Skin Type: Dry Combination

    Using Circ-Cell: Less than 1 year

    I have acne prone skin and love this Geo thermal clay. I use it as a face mask and then use the Mandarin cleanser afterwards. It feels really good on the skin, and the results left my skin feeling balanced and clean. My overall complexion is more clear and my skin glows now! You will not be disappointed with this product! Love Love!

  10. "Must Have!"

    (verified owner)

    Locaton: usa

    Gender: Female

    Skin Concerns: Lines & Wrinkles

    Skin Type: Dry Combination

    Using Circ-Cell: Less than 1 year

    Absolute must-have! Apply in the shower than wash off when dry. This leaves my skin soft and nourished!

  11. "Back to Geothermal Clay Cleanser!"

    (verified owner)

    Locaton: Phoenix, Arizona

    Gender: Female

    Skin Concerns: Lines & Wrinkles

    Skin Type: Dry Combination

    Using Circ-Cell: 1 - 2 years

    After having taken a little break from using Geothermal Clay Cleanser, I realized how much I had missed the wondrous moisture and freshness I had experienced before. During my break, I used Purity by Philosophy. My skin felt stripped of moisture, and the fragrance was, well, nonexistent. Once again, I ordered up some Geothermal Cleanser and was happily reminded of its goodness and richness. I did notice the fragrance had changed a bit with a touch of mint. I have to say I preferred the prior earthy smell, but not by much. Love this product!

  12. "Magic Cleanser!"

    Locaton: Austin

    Gender: Female

    Skin Concerns: Oily Skin

    Skin Type: Dry Combination

    Using Circ-Cell: Less than 1 year

    Hands-down, this the best cleanser for makeup removal ever. I have been using eye-makeup remover for years and following it with cleansing, but the oils in this cleanser take off everything in one wash. I always follow it up with their Mandarin Cleansing Milk to remove any excess oil on my skin (I have very oily skin), this combination keeps my skin fresh and clear. My boyfriend also has very dry skin and he uses the Geothermal Clay Cleanser as a mask, after 20 minutes his patchy redness is 100% gone. Thank you to this magic cleanser!

  13. "Smells Amazing "

    Gender: Female

    Skin Concerns: Lines & Wrinkles

    Skin Type: Dry Combination

    Using Circ-Cell: Less than 1 year

    This is a great cleanser! I love the scent – it’s refreshing and always wakes me up in the morning. As someone with dry/combo skin, I also love the combination of clay and hydrating oils – it leaves my skin feeling clean, refreshed and not tight or dry at all. I have used this as a mask a few times when dealing with breakouts, and it makes a great clay mask too. Beautiful and luxurious product!

  14. (verified owner)

    I have never used a cleanser quite like this! From the moment it is applied to my skin, I begin to let go of all stress and concerns as I am invited to revel in the glorious smell of nature and soak in the wonderful sensation as my skin is cleansed and nourished.

  15. Worth the money! I love to use this for my acne-prone skin as a mask more often than a cleanser but I love that it can be used both ways. Especially during these dry winter months my skin is appreciating this cleanser and its ability to keep skin clean and balanced without dryness 🙂

  16. Worth it!

  17. Received this as a gift! I noticed it made my pores smaller and even cleared them out a bit! I love it!

  18. Received this as a gift! I love the smell and notices it shrunk my pores and cleared them out a bit! I love it!

  19. I love this cleanser! It always leaves my skin feeling clean and smooth. My skin is clearer and less oily.

  20. This is an amazing dual purpose cleanser and mask! Great for travel!

  21. I absolutely love this cleanser. It makes my skin feel clean, soft, dewy, moisturized and my forehead wrinkle is much less. Easy to use. I have noticed a difference in my pore size. All of the Cirocell products are gently on my skin. This is my favorite so far!

  22. (verified owner)

    As a guy I’m always looking for the perfect cleanser and this honestly might be one of my favorites. Use it daily but it also acts as a wonderful mask. Nighttime for 10-15 minutes and you can noticeably feel the difference. Its a must in your kit!

  23. Once you start, you will never use anything else. I use this cleanser two ways: as a daily cleanser and every other day or after air travel as a mask…It always leaves me feeling clean and moisturized. It is extremely gentle on my allergy prone skin. Its so gentle my 11 year old daughter uses it and when she does not her preteen acne will begin to make an appearance. Thank you Circ-Cell!

  24. It is hard to find a cleanser that cleans without over-drying and doesn’t leave a filmy feeling. This one fits the bill. My daughter even uses it to remove her play make-up. It is so gentle it doesn’t irritate her skin. This is a really wonderful cleanser.

  25. This is one of my favorite brands and this cleanser is AMAZING.
    The Cleanser leaves your skin looking and feeling radiant and fresh. I love it and will use it again and again. My skin has been challenging for years. Finding products that work well has always been challenging. This product doesn’t just work well. It is outstanding . There is one of the best cleansers I have ever used. I absolutely recommend this.

  26. This is my favorite cleanser. My face feels clean but never dry. I love have natural it feels. Best cleanser ever!

  27. (verified owner)

    Without a doubt, this is the best cleanser I have ever used. My skin feels clean, dewy and fresh – then ready for the renewing Circ Cell products. Love it!!! And I have need looked this good, ever!

  28. (verified owner)

    This is the first cleanser I have stayed with for more than a year. It cleans my skin but does not strip it. I have had great success keeping cystic acne at bay using it. I no longer use foaming or exfoliating cleansers at all. My skin feels healthy and firm and I receive lots of compliments on it!

  29. Exceptional Clay Cleanser. My skin looks incredible. The Cleanser hydrates, minimized the size of my pores and detox’d my skin. This Cleanser goes a long way. This is definitely the best facial cleanser I’ve ever used.

  30. (verified owner)

    Awesome skin cleanser. I use this product everyday. It makes my skin feel clean and smooth. Love this product.

  31. I have been using the clay cleanser for 2 years now and my pores got smaller. I love that product.

  32. I am a middle-aged woman with combination skin, especially terrible pores. This cleanser cleans, removes the excess oils, but doesn’t dry my skin out.

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