Our Story

Longing for simple, clean living after years in the city, Circ-Cell founder Maya Crothers and her family moved to the small mountain town of Jackson Hole, Wyoming. The challenges of caring for her skin in a high mountain climate required a new level of performance skincare, while the beauty of her new home  inspired her to seek out products based in nature.  Unable to find products that that met her desire for performance and nature, Maya felt challenged to create a luxurious, high-performance skincare collection for the modern woman. An engineer by training, Maya cultivated a small team of experts that share her vision for elegant products that deliver results.

Circ-Cell’s name is a hybrid of circle and cellular denoting our commitment to marrying science with nature.  We believe that skincare should feel like pure luxury while performing to the highest standards. Every Circ-Cell formula is incredibly hardworking, yet feels effortless.

We never add fragrances, dyes, or harsh preservatives to our formulas— our pure, carefully-selected ingredients speak for themselves. Our products feel luxurious and light, inspiring a sense of wellbeing and leaving a beautiful finish on the skin.

In Circ-Cell we have sought to create a truly complete beauty ritual, crafted for the skincare connoisseur.