How To Hydrate Oily And Acne-Prone Skin — Without Clogging Your Pores April 13, 2016 – Posted in: Education, Ingredients, Products

Oiliness and pimples… we all hoped they’d disappear after high-school graduation. But alas, for many of us adults, they’re here to stay — or at least pay us an occasional unwelcome visit, often at the most inopportune times (first date, interview, wedding!).

But unless you’re suffering from severe, all-over acne and excessive oiliness, chances are you truly do not need super-strong ingredients like benzoyl peroxide and sulfur in your regimen. In fact, for most of us, these substances will cause irritation and dryness, which further exacerbate acne as your skin (a truly intelligent organ) tries to compensate for the lack of moisture. Instead, you actually need to hydrate, hydrate, hydrate as well as nourish and properly cleanse your skin to keep these unwanted flare-ups at bay.

If you’re oily or easily blemished, follow these tips to perfectly hydrate your skin while clearing your pores and maintaining that coveted fresh glow.

Ditch the harsh products and cleanse gently

Cleansers for acne or oily skin typically strip the skin of its delicate moisture balance, which disrupts the hydrolipid (uppermost) surface layer of skin, making it vulnerable to bacteria, sensitivity and even allergic reactions. Instead of relying on foaming cleansers, try a clay cleanser like our Geothermal Clay Cleanser, which contains oil to melt away excess sebum and debris as well as clay, which deep cleans pores without triggering dryness or flakiness.

Use a hydrating toner

Skin needs water to look and feel its absolute healthiest. However, with age, and as we continue to be ravaged by environmental assaults such as winds, temperature, UV damage and even indoor cooling/heating systems, our skin loses water quite rapidly. One of the best ways to almost instantaneously replenish the hydration in your skin is by using a toner, which because of its liquid composition penetrates deeply and quickly. Try our signature formula Dew, which contains bacteria-fighting camphor and pore-toning witch hazel but still manages to deliver an amazing surge of hydration.

Essential OilsUse an oil after you moisturize

You heard that right! Your toner and moisturizer work to hydrate skin and infuse it with nourishing vitamins, antioxidants, minerals and other skin-loving elements, but using an oil will “seal in” all the beneficial substances to prevent moisture from escaping. On top of that, despite the texture, oils can add wonderful, transformative benefits for oily and acne-prone skin — as long as the right ingredients are carefully curated. Our Extraordinary Face Oil Wooshie’s Blend harnesses an oil fermentation technology that increases the production of free fatty acids, which help dissolve the deposits that block pores and visibly improve damage from blemishes. We then add in fermented green tea tree oil, a powerful purifying agent, a Brazilian rainforest active shown to reduce comedones and a cocktail of clarifying essential oils such as neroli, vetiver, manuka, cardamom and white grapefruit.


It doesn’t matter how problematic your skin is — SPF protection is one of the most important, non-negotiable steps in your daily skincare regimen, rain or shine. UV damage causes damage as well as the formation of aging signs, such as dark spots, wrinkles and sagging. Our Daily Hydration Broad Spectrum SPF 43 won’t clog pores but adds nice, silky moisture that defends oily skin from our world’s harshest elements.