Circ-Cell Geothermal Clay Cleanser & Dew PH Perfector Review

April 16, 2015 – Posted in: Uncategorized

Today’s review comes from Diana Reese and covers our Geothermal Clay Cleanser and Dew PH Perfector products. Thanks Diana!

On her website, Diana did a full write-up with more pictures and commentary. Here are a few of her comments.

Geothermal Clay Cleanser

I have never had a clay cleanser before and I am so glad I tried Circ-Cell Geothermal Clay Cleanser because I really enjoy using it and would recommend it to my family and friends.” – Diana Reese

Dew PH Perfector

I use it after I cleanse my face with Circ-Cell Geothermal Clay Cleanser and follow with my daily moisturizer or sometimes I use it on its own following with my foundation. It works great both ways, it does its job and I would definitely continue using it.” – Diana Reese

Sample Comments
ABO +|- Face Serum, Face Rejuvenation, ABO +|- Eye Serum, Rejuvenation Eye Gel, Creme E.R.3, and Red Algae Clarifying Masque

“I was very pleased with the way my skin felt while using the samples and now I am a huge Circ-Cell fan for life 🙂” – Diana Reese

Reviewed Products

DEW pH Perfector