Circ-Cell Launches in Hong Kong, Singapore

Renaza Wellness

Circ-Cell welcomes its newest international distributor, Renaza Wellness and Lifestyle Lab.

“The beauty maestros behind medical aesthetic spa (uk) are set to give the local spa scene a boost with their latest establishment.

Renaza is bringing into Singapore for the first time, award-winning products and treatments…which have been lauded by aestheticians and beauty editors worldwide as they meet the health and beauty needs of a discerning urban clientele with cutting edge ingredients and proven effectiveness.”

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Circ-Cell Supports Little Hearts, International Charity Ball

Tatiana's Coronation

Circ-Cell Skincare was proud to support the International Charity Ball’s “Little Hearts” fundraiser benefiting orphans in eastern Europe.  The ball was held on February 8, 2014 at Eldorado Country Club in McKinney, Texas. Congratulations to Tatiana on her coronation!

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Circ-Cell at Leah Chavie to be Featured by The Whitney Reynolds Show!

Screen Shot 2013-12-27 at 11.57.16 AM

Circ Cell is the new science of skincare

Circ-Cell is Whitney’s healthy skincare tip for the season and Leah Chavie Skincare & Boutique is now featuring this new product line. We’ll keep you posted  on when you catch this episode. Click here for details.

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Do winter like an A-lister with tips from the expert: Michael Galitzer, MD

about-bio-image Michael Galitzer, MD, a Los Angeles-based physician, has a highly specialized practice focused on bioenergetic medicine. He is the medical director of the American Health Institute, and is widely considered to be one of the leading experts in bioidentical hormone replacement therapy and anti-aging medicine.

Winter is tough on our skin, so I scheduled a Q&A session with Dr. Galitzer on how to keep skin glowing like a celebrity until spring.

Q: What products should you use in colder weather?

A: Cold air contains less moisture than warm air- as a result, we have to work harder in winter to keep our skin hydrated. Foaming cleansers can be quite harsh and drying, so winter is the perfect time to use an oil or cream cleanser. I love Circ-Cell Skincare’s Geothermal Clay Cleanser; it contains ingredients like sweet almond and avocado oils that will leave your skin’s natural moisture intact. It’s also very important to use a broad spectrum SPF, since wrinkle-causing UVA rays stay strong year-round.

Q: What is the single most essential step for a winter skincare routine?

A: A good moisturizer. When your skin is dry, fine lines and wrinkles are more pronounced, and overall texture can look uneven, dull and flaky. Lipids play an important role in locking in moisture and protecting your skin from low humidity, wind, and sun, so using a moisturizer that increases the lipid content of the skin will combat the effects of winter weather. I formulated Circ-Cell’s Crème E.R.3 to target dry, aging skin and provide the lasting hydration your skin needs when it’s cold.

Q: What ingredients should you look for?

A: Products that contain essential oils are great for skin year-round, but especially in winter because they won’t evaporate.

Q: What are your tips for prepping skin before applying product?

A: When you cleanse, use an oil or cream cleanser with warm (not hot) water and apply moisturizer immediately. It’s important not to over-exfoliate in the winter, but using a soft washcloth twice a week will remove dry flaky skin and provide a smooth, even surface for applying your day cream, SPF, and makeup.

Q: Speaking of makeup, what should you look for in makeup formulations in colder weather?

A: If you have a foundation you love, stick with it, but try mixing it with a moisturizer to keep your skin even and hydrated. It’s also important to use SPF all year, so makeup with UV protection can simplify your routine.

Q: Is there anything else you should do during winter to keep your skin looking great?

A: Double your intake of Omega 3 fatty acids in the winter to help with moisturizing your skin.

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CIRC CELL Partner Spotlight – Dr. Ivan Rusilko


Dr. Ivan Rusilko is the medical director and founder of the Club Essentia Spa at South Beach’s ultra-chic Delano Hotel.  An accomplished author, speaker, model, and physician, Dr. Rusilko specializes in Lifestyle-Medicine, where he creates customized diagnostic and treatment programs for overall wellness in a luxurious environment.  With certifications in specialties ranging from sports nutrition, to HRT, to cosmetic lasers, Dr. Rusilko’s approach is integrative and comprehensive.

In keeping with Dr. Rusilko’s innovative vision, the Club Essentia Spa offers some of the world’s most cutting-edge treatments in aesthetics, including the recent launch of CIRC CELL’s Advanced Infusion Therapy Facial.  This facial uses advanced tissue manipulation and CIRC CELL’s Transdermal Delivery System to create thousands of microchannels in the skin, simultaneously infusing active topicals for unparalleled anti-aging and skin lightening.

With results similar to more invasive procedures like factional lasers, the treatment is pain-free, doesn’t require anesthesia, with no down time, so it’s perfect for giving yourself a pre-event glow.  Visit Club Essentia at the Delano and experience this revolutionary procedure from one of the country’s leading aesthetic specialists, Dr. Rusilko.


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